Meet our passionate team


Marc Koska, OBE​
Head of Design
Max Hannon​
CAD Senior Designer
Harris Ryder​
CAD Designer

Global Health & Testing

Dr. Edward Kelly, PhD​

Chief Global Health Officer

Dr. Paul Rutter, MD​

Medical Director

Jane Chen, MBA MPA​

Director, Innovation Strategy

Yaw Addai-Brenyah​
Research Associate

Flora Koska

Research Associate


Sharon DeGroot​
Chief Financial Officer
Ginny Simpson​

Programmes Director


Dan Lincoln

Media Advisor

Michael Free, OBE, PhD
Senior Advisor
Toby Burnham
Communications Advisor

About ApiLabs

ApiLabs, a sister company to ApiJect, is focused on early-stage medical device R&D to improve patient access to injectable medicines and vaccines. To do so, we conceptualize and design new, scalable prefilled drug delivery systems, and partner with global health organizations to expand the vision of what is possible in providing top-quality solutions to people in every region of the world.

At the core of our innovations is a human-centered design approach. Our global health team conducts in-depth market research to understand customers’ and healthcare systems’ needs in developed and developing countries. Then, our engineering team leverages our expertise in Blow-Fill-Seal and plastic injection molding technology to design new drug delivery options that best address these needs. Using modern CAD modeling and 3D printing, we rapidly produce prototypes that are thoroughly tested and iterated upon in the field, taking into account end-user feedback.

The result are cost-efficient, scalable prefilled drug delivery formats, supported by a resilient supply chain, that can reliably serve both developed and developing healthcare markets around the world. These devices are then brought to market by ApiJect, who partners with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to develop their drugs in these new formats. ApiLabs global health team then continues to work with governments, global health partners, and like-minded others, to help ensure that products are adopted in ways that optimize their global health impact.